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Satori Alfa Ltd. Privacy Policy

1. Satori Alfa Ltd.(registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia, reg.Nr.40003672129, legal address: Santas, Tumes parish, Tukumadistrict, LV-3139, Latvia )(hereinafter - Satori Alfa Ltd.) is the Managing Director of the General Data Protection Regulation No.2016 / 679 of the European Union in Latvia.

This Privacy Policy explains how Satori Alfa Ltd. process personal data when using our services. This policy applies to the processing of all types of personal data by Satori Alfa Ltd. collect from websites, email correspondence, contracts and other sources.

Collection and use of personal data

2. Regardless of which country you access Satori Alfa Ltd. services, processing of personal data is complied with provisions of the Regulation. You are informed that your personal data in Latvia may also be processed on the basis of the law of that country.

3. Satori Alfa Ltd. informs that by providing your email address, you agree that it is included in the database and it can be sent from the web site announcement / reminder of the ongoing but unfinished goods orders.

4. You are informed that using the Internet site, Satori Alfa Ltd. or any third party acting on behalf of, can collect and store data that allows to track and list:

4.1. the number of total visits to websites;

4.2. the number of visitors to each particular website;

4.3. internet provider domain name;

4.4. IP addresses;

4.5. other data for which the use of systems is intended for the purposes of administration and to control the use of the website and to organise its improvement.

Objectives and legal bases for the processing of personal data

5.Satori Alfa Ltd. processes personal data primarily for the following purposes:

·         Service and distance contract, invoicing, conclusion and transmission

·         Ensuring effective management processes for the company

·         Business Planning and Analytics

·         Personnel selection and management

·         Examination and processing of applications

·         Sending newsletters

6. Satori Alfa Ltd. processes personal data on the following legal bases:

·         Enforcement of legal obligation imposed by regulatory enactments

·         Ensuring legitimate interest

·         Conclusion or enforcement of the contract

·         Data subject consent

Duration of personal data storage

7. Satori Alfa Ltd. stores personal data according to defined personal data processing purposes and regulatory requirements, while at least one of the following criteria exists:

·         while Satori Alfa Ltd. may exercise its legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures laid down in external regulatory enactments;

·         while Satori Alfa Ltd. has a legal obligation to store data in accordance with regulatory enactments;

·         as long as the data subject’s consent to the processing of personal data is in force, unless another legal basis for the processing is in place.


8. Cookies are a text file that is inserted into a home page user’s computer browser to improve the operation of the homepage. Saved cookies allow us to recognize your computer. By re-visiting Satori Alfa Ltd. ‘s homepage and using only password-available homepage sections, cookies allow you to avoid repeated data input.

Why is Satori Alfa Ltd. using cookies?

9. Satori Alfa Ltd. uses cookies for the following purposes:

·         session management and user authentication;

·         to ensure the functionality of the website;

·         to obtain statistics on the page visitor feed (the number of visitors, the time spent on the page);

·         improve the efficiency of the site.

10. The legal basis for processing personal data processed under cookies is the legitimate interest of Satori Alfa Ltd.

11. Satori Alfa Ltd. does not use cookies to track user behavior, therefore Satori Alfa Ltd. informs you about the use of cookies, but does not require your consent to put cookies in accordance with the requirements of the law.

12.   Satori Alfa Ltd. does not link an IP address and e-mail address to the user with data enabling the user to be identified. This means that each user session will be registered, but the user of the Internet site will remain anonymous.

Third-party cookies

13. Satori Alfa Ltd. ‘s homepage may have third-party cookies, especially Google Analytics. Google Analytics tool is provided by Google Inc. (US company) that has access to the statistics collected by this tool.

Cookie control

14. The data subject can delete cookies by choice (for more information -

15. You can delete all cookies that have already been saved on your computer and you can specify that your browser prevents it from being saved. But in this case, you must manually specify a choice every time you visit a site, and some services and homepage functions may not work.

Recipients of personal data

16. In certain cases, Satori Alfa Ltd. may transfer information to third parties. Similarly, Satori Alfa Ltd. can use outsourcing to ensure more efficient performance of its functions.

17. Satori Alfa Ltd. website collected and accumulated data for information purposes and is entitled to transfer to other companies for statistical purposes.DATA THAT ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR IDENTIFICATION OF THE PERSON IN THIS PROCESS ARE NOT DISCLOSED AND NOT DELIVERED TO THIRD PARTIES

18.   Personal data are not transferred to third countries.

Access to your personal data and other rights of the data subject

19. For information about personal data that Satori Alfa Ltd. is processing for you, the person must submit an application:

·         in writing by submitting Satori Alfa Ltd. at the office (address - Santas, Tumes parish, Tukuma district, LV-3139 Latvia) presenting a personal identification document;

20. The data subject has the right to request the deletion of personal data, the restriction of processing of personal data, objecting to the processing of personal data, to request the correction of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation.

21. Satori Alfa Ltd. shall communicate with the data subject using the contact information (telephone number, e-mail or address) specified by the data subject.

22. If you believe that your right to personal data protection has been violated, you may submit a complaint to the personal data surveillance authority.

Right to withdraw consent

23. If the processing of personal data is initiated and carried out in accordance with the consent of the data subject, the data subject shall be entitled to withdraw it by sending a recall to email:

24. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect the processing of data carried out at the time the client’s consent was in force. Without consent, the processing of data carried out on the basis of other legal bases may not be suspended.

25. The user has the right to delete his profile by sending a request to email: In this case, the request is accepted only if it is sent from the same email to which the user profile is registered

Changes to Privacy Policy


26. Satori Alfa Ltd. has the right to make changes at any time, which are published on the website at